Chapel Of The Angels

Chapel Of The Angels

Come Holy Ghost: Instrumental on Penny whistle and Low whistle. At the end there is a short cry on the Uilleann pipe. Originally, I wanted to do the whole piece on the Uilleann pipes but alas, could not master the subtleties of the instrument. Hopefully by the next CD....

Be Thou My Vision: Suzanne Kvammon delivers a most sensitive rendition of this well known hymn. Ms. Gabourel provides a beautiful background vocal singing "He reigns..."

Fairest Lord Jesus
: Anne Quaderer sings a most subline rendering of this love song for Jesus.

To Walk as a Child of the Light
: Bob plays Low Whistle and Judith plays a wonderful harp for this Hymn of longing to walk as Jesus walked.

My Jesus I Love Thee
: Suzanne sings lead in a small choral group with Debbi Scheumann and Diane Ames.

Llwyn Onn
: This Welsh folk song is beautifully rendered by Judith Byron with a whistle accompaniment by Bob Quadra.

In Christ Alone
: A wonderful rendering of this new hymn by Anne with full orchestration. Enjoy!

Ar Hyd y Nos
: Better know in some circles as "All Through The Night", This cut features Judith Byron on Celtic Harp. Angelic voices can be heard. Guardian Angels, God will send Thee...

Bob Quadra - Low Whistle, Oboe, Piano, Orchestrations; Judith Byron - Celtic Harp;
Suzanne Kvammon, Anne Quaderer - vocals; Diane Ames, Veneda Gabourel, Debbi Scheumann - supporting vocals; Jason Shorey - guitars

New England MountainSongs

New England MountainSongs

First Born: Recorded during the Oil of Unity Conference at Sky-Hy Conference Center perched on Bradley Mountain. This is the only piece recorded indoors. 10/10/03

Call of the Dove: This was a cool autumn day on New Hampshire's 2,937-foot Mt. Kearsarge, overlooking Warner and Wilmot. On very clear days, views extend to the White Mountains, the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Atlantic Ocean, and Boston. 10/17/04

Rachel's Dance
: A hike and picnic with my wife Anne and our dog Tristan (you can see his picture on the photo page) - late autumn in Woodstock Vermont. 11/08/05

: A Scottish feeling was in the air!  Mount Tom, Woodstock, Vermont 09/16/04

Winter Cry
: What started as a warm autumn day turned into a hail storm during this recording. Hail was literally bouncing off my tin whistle during this take. If you listen carefully, you can hear the Priory bells at the begining of this piece recorded on Priory Hill, Weston Vermont. 10/15/05

When I Survey
: While in Scotland, we heard a church singing "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross" to this traditional folk melody. I played this piece in the shadow of a large wooden cross erected at the Pinnacle, Streams Ministries Prayer Mountain. North Sutton, New Hampshire. 10/30/05

: This piece was recorded the same day as Winter Cry before the hail storm. Priory Hill, Weston Vermont. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. 10/15/05

Caleb's March
: At the end of this song (4:26 into song), our trusty dog Tristan is heard barking at passing hikers on Mount Tom. In the Hebrew, Caleb means dog. This is a song of dogged determination. 11/08/05

The White Wind
: This was my first outdoor recording - You will hear some ancillary noises caused by wind pressure. Recorded at the Pinnacle, North Sutton, New Hampshire. 09/30/04

Craig Perkins - keys; Lois Freeman - violin; Ian Galway - bass; Anne Quaderer - vocals; Tim Baldwin - percussion; Bobby Caban - percussion; Dan Hayne - percussion; Bob Quadra - low whistle, accordian, bagpipe/orchestral arrangements and vocals



Outland - A beautifully haunting treatment using synthesizer layers and a Celtic low whistle in a unrehearsed prophetic statement of vastness!

Snow By The Stream
- A piano, ewi-flute and percussion melody inspired by a clear Catskill Mountain Stream in springtime.

Pearl Of Great Price
- A rhythmic instrumental treatment of a song whose lyrics start "Pearl of Great Price Lord, through You I've found it - opening wide the door to your heart! (Tin Whistle, Accordion and Violin.)

- Angelic voices interrupt a simple tin whistle aire.

We Rise
: A triumphant melody held by a tin whistle with piano and orchestral backup.

My Vision
: A traditional melody of Celtic origin with tin whistle, violin and orchestral highlights.
Peace Walk
: An anointed, spontaneous song intertwining piano, low whistle, violin, tin whistle, beautiful percussion and subtle bass lines. Let yourself flow with this one!

: A soundscape painted with an electronic wind instrument and violin textures that evokes thoughts of nature. A soothing finish to a beautiful album!

Lamont Green - bass, Ruth Huizenga - pianos, Jennifer Kameras - violins, Jeff Salvi - percussion, Bob Quadra - tin whistle, low whistle, ewi, keys, guitar and orchestral arrangements



Singles - Internet Releases

Anniversary - In tribute to my parents, the late Joseph and Rose Quaderer's 60th Anniversary

Haverhill Devotion
- Live at the Edge of Jordan Cafe, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Last Rose Of Summer
- In Memory of my Dear Mother, Rose Quaderer. Melody is in the public domain.  

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